Note from the editor (son John) - This web site is devoted to the memory of my mother, who will live on in the hearts of all who knew and loved her.   This is a small collection of the pictures found around her house in frames, albums and boxes.  The prominently displayed photos were all recent pictures of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Although her "past" was very glamorous, most of those pictures and clippings were relegated to boxes in the attic and closets.  She was first and foremost a mother and wife throughout the last 66 years of her life.  If you want to add pictures or stories to this site, please email them to Mimi "at" (replace the "at" with @).
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Four months old in San Diego.
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She graduated valedictorian from Central High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
She attended SMU, graduating in 1935 with a degree in English and drama. At SMU, she was a member of Alpha Theta Pi (equivalent to Phi Beta Kappa), Mortar Board, the Arden Club, and the Delta Gamma sorority, which she has served in many capacities ever since. b IMG_3763.jpg (14387 bytes)
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Click this link to listen to Sugah - 2/7/1937

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With "her boy friends"
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Dr. Pepper promo shot
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Off to New York as a finalist in CBS' nationwide "Hollywood Hotel" singing competition.
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After graduation, she often could be found on the local stage with the Dallas Civic Theatre and the Dallas Little Theatre taking the leading roles in such plays as Candida, Alcestis, The Magnificent Yankee, An Enemy of the People, The Madwoman of Challot, and The Cocktail Party.
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In 1937 she married the prominent Dallas surgeon Dr. John V. Goode.  After marriage, she turned her considerable talents to raising a family, but she remained active in local theatre.  She founded the Dallas Children’s Theatre and directed its productions for 15 years, she served as board member and secretary of Margo Jones Theatre and she continued giving play reviews and benefit programs for local clubs and organizations for many years. She was a member of the Dallas Junior League, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League of Women, the Medical Center Woman’s Club, The Dallas Women’s Club, and she served on the board of the Dallas Museum of Art.  In 1958 she was honored with a life membership in the Texas PTA.
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Getting ready for a flight in Dr. Goode's airplane.
His story was that he proposed in the airplane (upside down).
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Engagement picture
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Life really changed when John Jr. came along!
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The mandolin always came out at Christmas time.
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With Richard & John.
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The old house on Miron Dr.  She LOVED this house!
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And these boys!
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Off to Colorado with the two boys.
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John Harper in the Miron Drive house.
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John 3, John Harper and Deborah at Christmas.
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All kids and grandkids were there for 50th wedding anniversary.
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With Melissa, Shannon and baby Jade.
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Turtle farm in the Cayman Islands (Shannon's home)
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With grandson John at his wedding.
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At Deborah's wedding in San Diego.  There were lots of memories in that town.

She attended the wedding ceremonies of all five of her grandchildren - in three states (California (2), Texas and North Carolina) and the Cayman Islands.

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With new son-in-law Robert
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Jade and her "Ganga" in Cayman.
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Fall foliage trip.
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Brittney and Poco were her faithful companions.
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In 1992 the Alpha Epsilon house dedicated a garden to Ludi Mai - it was a BIG surprise!
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Playing the piano with Matthew
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Great-grandsons Zachary and Matthew
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With  Poco at her 90th birthday party.
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Newest great-grandson Ethan plays with dad.  Ethan was born on Ludi Mai's birthday (July 15, 2002).  This picture was taken on Ethan's first birthday and Ludi Mai's 90th!
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Zachary helps with the candles.
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Matthew feeds her a blueberry.
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Michelle and John show pictures from home.
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With John Harper and Poco
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Grand Marshall of the neighborhood July 4 parade.
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Ludi Mai is survived by two sons and daughters in law: John and Doris Goode, and Richard and Nancy Goode. She is also survived by five grandchildren (Deborah Schueren and husband Robert, John Goode III and wife Pari, John H. Goode and wife Michelle, Shannon Foster and husband Dax and Melissa Vega and husband Chris) and five great grandchildren (Jade Foster, Bayley Foster, Matthew Schueren, Zachary Goode and Ethan Goode).  She was "Ganga" to son John's family (courtesy of first grandchild Deborah), "Gegaw" to John Harper and "Mimi" to Lacey and the neighbors on Chalfont Circle.